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What are the Benefits of a Concrete to Vinyl Pool Conversion?

Concrete pools have been evolving with the times since their inception over 100 years ago, but in the modern day, are starting to fall behind. That’s why many Perth homeowners are opting for a concrete pool conversion or renovation to adopt a vinyl-lined pool.

What is a concrete pool conversion?

A concrete to vinyl pool conversion is the process of binding a vinyl pool liner onto an existing concrete pool. The process involves cleaning and priming the existing concrete pool shell before a vinyl liner is added and sealed from top to bottom.

Thanks to the flexible nature of modern vinyl, the material can adapt to any pool size and shape.

Benefits of a concrete pool conversion

There are many benefits of installing a vinyl liner to an existing concrete shell with a pool conversion.

The classy vinyl finish is popular with homeowners, large commercial pools, and professional swimming pools for the following reasons:

Rejuvenates the appearance

Older concrete pools are often plagued with cracks, stains, leaks, blackspots of algae, or have tiles falling off. Vinyl negates all of these issues while bringing a more modern appearance.

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More colours and styles

Old concrete pools can undergo a concrete pool renovation to add colourful tiles, but these will inevitably fade and fall off.

Switching to vinyl allows for the choice of a wide range of colours and styles. There’s a vinyl pool liner to suit any pool area. Choose from a range of tropical blues, dark stone colours, or a modern sandstone, plus a textured finish.

To see the full range of vinyl pool colours, click here.

A concrete pool conversion is a cost-effective solution to a new pool

Completing a concrete to vinyl pool conversion is better value for money than a concrete pool renovation or installing a new pool. You can easily undertake a pool renovation along with the vinyl liner conversion for the appearance of an entirely new pool.

Learn more about our vinyl pool renovation.

Vinyl liners need less maintenance

You can’t get away with avoiding maintenance altogether, but a vinyl lined pool requires far less time and effort to maintain than a concrete pool. Vinyl liners need less chemicals to maintain a healthy swimming environment and the vinyl material isn’t affected by the chemicals – unlike other pool materials. When it comes time to clean the vinyl liner, it is a straightforward and easy process.

Additionally, vinyl wont crack, peel, or flake, therefore reducing costly repair jobs – unlike concrete pools.

Vinyl is naturally resilient to algae

Thanks to the non-porous, smooth surface of vinyl liners, it is naturally resistant to algae build up. This is invaluable as algae looks awful and may cause harmful bacteria.

Vinyl is smooth to the touch

Concrete pools are known for their rough, skin-grazing surface texture. Unlike concrete, vinyl liners are soft and silky smooth but have enough grip to prevent slipping.

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Customisation options

As mentioned previously, the ability to add pool features during a concrete to vinyl pool conversion reduces the need for a concrete pool renovation.

You may like to undergo a vinyl pool renovation to adjust the pool shape or size, add steps or a ledge, install LED lights, or add a water feature.

There are some other equipment options which can be installed alongside a pool conversion – see more here.

Fast and easy replacement

The process of converting a pool doesn’t take as long as you might think. Given the immense difference a vinyl liner makes to a pool, it is a fast process and may be good to go in just a few days (plus curing time).

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