The best vinyl liners in Perth

Working With The Best Pool Liners In Perth

It’s no secret that Perth households are huge fans of undertaking pool renovations which transform their backyards into a private oasis to savour the warmer months. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure your pool surface is maintained, and the team here at Oceanic Pools specialise in vinyl liners, specifically for below ground pools. We’ve built our business on installing the very best pool liners in Perth households since the first time we opened our doors.

But what does it mean to work with Perth’s leading experts in vinyl pool liner installations? We’ll cover this off below to give you more of an idea of how we differ to our competitors.

Perth Households Love Their Pools

There are a number of reasons why Perth is renowned as one of the best places in the world to live. One of the leading factors is the warm and inviting climate that is ideal for backyard swimming. When the temperature gage peaks on a hot day, you’ll find most West Aussies either at the beach or relaxing in the luxury of their backyard swimming pool, and we are honoured to provide a service to make the latter as enjoyable as possible through our ever-so-popular vinyl pool renovations.

One of the most popular things to update in a backyard pool renovation is the surface of your pool. In some cases, this could be as simple as replacing your existing vinyl pool liner, or you may need to convert your degrading concrete pool surface to vinyl – either way we can help.

Kids swimming in pool

West Australians love a good splash in the backyard family pool.

The Advantages Of Vinyl Pool Liners

Over the years we’ve worked with a variety of pools, and during this time, we’ve established that vinyl pool liners provide the best value for our customers. There are a number of reasons why vinyl is one of the most versatile pool surfaces and a favourite amongst Perth pool owners.

Some of these reasons include;

  • The ease to install liners makes them a much more affordable option;
  • Vinyl is durable and flexible, meaning it doesn’t peel, crack or flake;
  • You can choose from a wide range of modern colours and patterns;
  • They’re easy and quick to replace whilst also being resistant to algae;
  • Vinyl liners can be designed to fit any shape of swimming pool.

These are just some of the benefits, however our Director Richard will happily go over the full suite of benefits if you book a quote or site visit.

“Vinyl liners provide the most flexible, affordable and easy solution to updating your pool surface and I only recommend these to my customers. It’s not just a matter of cost, they also look great, feel great and the extensive range of colours and patterns ensure you get the exact look you’re after.”

– Richard Marshall (Oceanic Pools | Director)

We Use The Very Best Pool Liners In Perth

We only install premium pool liners, with happy customers stretching throughout the Perth metropolitan area and beyond, including the South-West of Western Australia.

Oceanic Pools acquires its high-quality liners from renowned brand Aqualux, an iconic, Australian-based company who prides itself on the development of the finest liners in the nation. These liners are made specifically to handle the harsh Australian climate, built to last for many years to come for both domestic and commercial pools.

We all appreciate a bit of choice in our lives, which is where the full range of Aqualux pool liners really shine. You can choose from a huge selection of colours and styles designed to suit the exact look and feel you want in your backyard oasis, which creates a strong amount of flexibility that our customers really value. Below is a snap shot of what some of these look like.

Colour swatch - Aqualux vinyl pool liners

Visit Our Pool Liners for the full range of colours and styles

Experience The Oceanic Pools Difference

Whilst we work with the very best materials in the business, we also pride ourselves on the Oceanic Pools Difference.

We’ve helped countless customers revive and transform their beloved pools into welcoming, tranquil and serene environments to lap up the afternoon rays and balmy evenings – something our happy customers mention in our Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.

We value the importance of clear and transparent quoting to ensure our customers are always clear on upfront costs before we begin any renovation project. Our Virtual Estimates can also speed up the process of obtaining a quote, and our Director Richard personally handles each quotation, so you know you’re working with the owner of the business, not the middleman.

We are also proud members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA WA) Western Australia, which ensures we consistently provide a premium service that meets (and exceeds) industry standards, which is something we are particularly passionate about. We invite you to check out our article on The Value Of Being SPASA WA Certified to find out more about how this value translates to our customers.

Additional to our service levels, transparent pricing and quality liners, we also provide a highly streamlined process of replacing vinyl pool liners throughout Perth homes with minimal stress, and maximum value. From draining the pool and working with clients on styling and overall design, through to the eventual liner installation, we keep the process nice and easy for our customers.

If you want to know more about the process we use when replacing and updating liners, feel free to check out our article Everything You Need To Know About Replacing Your Vinyl Pool Liner.

Lesmurdie pool renovation

In Need Of A Quote?

If you find yourself asking if it’s time for a new vinyl pool liner then we welcome you to get in touch. If you have a concrete pool, we can even provide a service to completely convert your concrete pool to a vinyl pool using our proven process and premium pool liners.

To obtain an idea of the cost of updating your pool surface, you can either Contact Us or request a Virtual Estimate to begin planning phase for your upcoming project.