Boutique Pool Renovation Ideas Ready for Summer

There’s nothing better than relaxing by the pool in the sun on a warm summer day. If that sounds nice to you, then maximise that experience with a boutique pool renovation ready for the warmer months.

It’s hard to think about the pool in the middle of winter, but the cooler months are the best time to plan and book any pool jobs in Perth as pool service and pool renovation companies are already scheduling for the end of the year.

That being said, here are our boutique pool renovation ideas for in-ground pools in Perth.

Pool liner restoration

A new vinyl pool liner is a great way to revitalise your inground pool. Whether you have an existing liner that’s seen better days, or you own a concrete pool and need a conversion, a fresh vinyl liner makes all the difference. Choose from a range of colours and patterns to set the tone for your boutique pool renovation.

A new liner provides a modern appearance and silky-smooth texture, creating that sense of luxury.

Adapt the pool shape and size

With a new vinyl swimming pool liner comes the opportunity to adapt the shape or size of your inground pool.

Vinyl liners are flexible yet strong and are the perfect material for shaping new pool designs and features. Revamp the pool size, or reshape it by constructing pool steps, including a swim out, or adding a ledge.

Lesmurdie pool renovation

New decking or pool paving

Transition from the pool to the house by incorporating decking or renew your pool paving. Either way, the surface around the inground pool is an important part of your backyard oasis and can enhance the pool itself. The pool is the focal point, but its surroundings are the icing on the cake.

Pool lighting

Installing LED pool lights are a must-do if you plan to use the pool at night. Not only do they help you see inside the pool, but they also provide a soothing ambience to take the experience to a new level.

Try colour changing LED pool lights and take control of the vibe depending on the occasion.

Backyard pool lights

Modern pool fence

Many pool fences detract from the pool aura you’re trying to create. Undertaking a boutique pool renovation is the best time to upgrade to a modern pool fence. In most cases, pool owners opt for a frameless glass pool fence to modernize their backyard.

Build water features

Building a water feature such as a waterfall or fountain is the sure-fire way to create a luxurious pool area.

One of these features coupled with LED lighting provides visual appeal that will be the talking point at any event. Afterall, a boutique pool renovation wouldn’t be complete without something to catch the eye.


Depending on the size of your pool area, consider adding some aesthetic accessories to enhance the boutique pool vibe. Some ideas include new deck chairs, pot plants, or a floating raft for your drinks.

If the kids control the pool, try adding a slide, diving board, or the usual pool toys.

Upgrade equipment

Top off your boutique pool renovation with the essential parts needed to maintain the good health of your pool. You may know the equipment that needs replacing, whether it be a pool pump, cartridge filter, pool sanitisation systems, pool chemicals, return jets, or heat pump for example. If not, book a pool service before undertaking a swimming pool renovation to identify what’s needed.

For tips on looking after your pool, see this recent article.

Other equipment to consider adding are handrails or a ladder – both are great to assist transitions into and out of the pool.

Book now ready for summer

The team at Oceanic Pools are experts in below ground pool services including vinyl pool liner replacement, concrete to vinyl conversions, pool servicing, and of course – pool renovations.

Summer is the busiest season for us, so it’s critical to plan and book your boutique pool renovation sooner rather than later.

You can receive a virtual estimate for vinyl liner replacements, otherwise contact us to book a swimming pool renovation ready for summer.