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So many of us love the idea of having our own pool but are deterred by the price and difficult installation process. Giving you the option to take control of your own project and saving you thousands of dollars at the same time, it’s no wonder more and more people are opting for home DIY pool projects!

However easy your DIY swimming pool project may seem it’s always easy to run into complications such as sourcing specialty equipment or installing the vinyl lining. That’s where Oceanic Pools can help. Our team of specialists know all aspects of home pools and have direct access to a range of products essential for completing your DIY swimming pool project to professional standards.

concrete pool conversion

What are the benefits of a DIY swimming pool project?

  • Save money – cut the labour and contractor costs on your pool project and have more money to spend on your next DIY home project.
  • Have full control of your project – feel free to pursue whatever design you like for your property without the influence of contractors.
  • Still have access to professional guidance and workmanship – Oceanic Pools are there to provide assistance and guide you through the entire process without having to give up your control. In addition we can assist with the tricky parts such as installing the vinyl pool liner – our experience in this field will make the entire process as painless as possible!

Why choose a vinyl pool liner?

  • Hygienic – our vinyl pool liners are sanitized to inhibit the growth of fungus and algae.
  • Low cost – your vinyl pool liner will come in at a better cost than the alternatives.
  • Low maintenance – all pools require maintenance just some need more than others. Vinyl pools are relatively stress free and require far less chemicals than their concrete and fiberglass counterparts.
  • Highly durableour vinyl pool liners are crack resistant and made from premium quality virgin PVC material.

Some of our concrete to DIY pool projects

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“Richard, I’d like to thank both you and Garry for your work on our pool. We will definitely recommend Oceanic Pools to our family and friends.”

Phil & Kathy, Dianella

“Thanks for the great job, and as per the quoted price.”

Phil, Cannington
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