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The Value Of Being SPASA WA Certified

When it comes to acquiring or maintaining your beloved swimming pool, West Australian families always seek to work with quality installers and pool specialists who can provide the highest level of service and reliability.

Whilst it can be difficult to differentiate between the industry’s huge range of swimming pool specialists, associations like the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA WA) Western Australia help to provide an added level of quality assurance for customers when shortlisting which company to trust with their backyard oasis.

Here at Oceanic Pools, we are proud members of SPASA WA, and as a result, we have access to a range of associated benefits which we pass on directly to our customers.

Who Is SPASA WA And What Do They Do Exactly?

The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Western Australia, or SPASA WA for short, are known as a leading peak body within the swimming pool and spa industry. Their role is quite varied, but in essence the organisation aims to educate, advocate and promote the pool and spa industry, whilst encouraging the community to actively engage in an active outdoor lifestyle.

Whilst their role is primarily to regulate the industry to ensure quality, professionalism and reliability, they also provide some useful free resources like their SPASA Magazine which is an essential read ahead of a future pool/spa purchase or renovation.

Poolside benefits of being a SPASA WA member

SPASA WA Membership Benefits

Members of SPASA WA (like the team here at Oceanic Pools) are encouraged to adhere to a common set of business ethics with a shared commitment to public health and safety within the industry, which in turn helps to increase our level of service and professionalism when working with our valued clients.

SPASA WA also helps us stay current with the latest changes in industry legislation. Examples can include being up to speed with the latest standards in electrical equipment (such as pool pumps, heating and lighting products), safety barriers and energy efficiency, helping us remain compliant and educated with the highest levels of safety training, value and awareness.

Why Does This Matter?

This added level of education and awareness ultimately translates into an improved level of experience and expertise with our vinyl pool liner renovations and concrete to vinyl conversions and ensures our customers are receiving the highest quality when they work with us.

Oceanic Pools also benefits from being a part of a larger nation-wide membership through SPASA Australia with an established list of networks and partners which provide access to industry events and new products and services entering the market.

Want to know the full range of membership benefits? Visit the Why Choose A SPASA WA Member page on their website.

Improved Sustainability

As West Australian households are becoming increasingly conscious of their energy usage, SPASA WA provides an efficiency and sustainability certification which enables members to ensure their products and services are Climate Care Certified, or in other words, environmentally sustainable. Not only is this great for helping our customers reduce their emissions, energy efficiency also helps to reduce ongoing power bills, making your home pool much more affordable to run.

Backyard pools benefit from a membership with SPASA WA

Oceanic Pools’ Commitment To Excellence

Our membership to the Swimming Pool and Spa WA Association ensures we are constantly committed to looking after our customers with great service alongside exceptional quality from our products, staff, training and industry networks.

We understand that trust, integrity and quality are essential components when customers are shortlisting companies to work with. As a result, we always provide our customers with clear communication, accurate quotations, and friendly, hassle-free customer service to help them explore the most cost-effective ways of achieving the results they’re after.

With local experience across the Western Australian market, we’ve manage to refine our process to a point where we’re able to offer hassle-free service for customers, taking the stress out of pool renovations and concrete to vinyl conversions, with the ability to take care of each step of the process from start to finish.
Our director (Richard) also personally gets involved in all quotations and jobs which means you have direct access to the business owner when embarking on a project with us. We find this is a point of difference that our customers particularly appreciate, as it speeds up the process and removes unnecessary middle-men so you can get back to enjoying your pool sooner.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews to hear from our long list of satisfied clients.

If You Are In Need Our Services…

Oceanic Pools prides itself on professionalism, customer service and reliability taken from years of experience in the industry, alongside our valued SPASA WA membership.

So whether or not you’re after a complete pool renovation, vinyl pool liner replacement or concrete pool conversion, we can help bring your project to life in a quality that will stand the test of time. If you require our services, why not work with a company with their finger on the pulse. You can either contact us to make an appointment, or we even provide virtual quotes if you’d prefer to email us through photos of your upcoming project.

We look forward to hearing from you!