Why Are Pool Renovations In Perth So Popular?


It’s no secret that Australian families absolutely love their pools. According to a research report by Roy Morgan roughly 2.7 million Australian households have a pool, making Australia the leading nation for pool ownership per capita throughout the entire world!


West Australians are particularly known for investing in renovation projects and regular maintenance to ensure their backyard oasis is always in tip-top shape. But what is it that makes pool renovations in Perth so popular?


Oceanic Pools liners


Pool Renovations Reinvigorate Your Property


Whilst the initial cost outlay to install a new pool can prove to be expensive, there are associated costs involved in the running and maintenance of pools. Homeowners understand that over time, wear and tear begins to occur as a natural process, which leads to the need to update your pool. This is where pool renovations can offer a cost-effective solution to reinvigorate your outdoor area. 


Transform Your Outdoor Area With Ease


Throughout our years of delivering premium pool renovations in Perth, we’ve helped households transform their outdoor areas into entertainment centrepieces that the whole family can enjoy. By choosing the right design aesthetic that helps integrate your pool seamlessly into your property surroundings, you can create a unique ambiance in your own little slice of paradise.




A Great Excuse For Parties


Ever noticed that the person with the swimming pool always ends up becoming the party host? It’s not a coincidence as Australians love a good pool party as there really is nothing better than relaxing in the comfort of a well-designed backyard pool.


Whether or not it’s a festive occasion like Christmas Day or even long weekend celebrations, pool renovations can ensure that you’re always hosting in style.


Summer pool parties in Perth


Australians love a good pool party


Increased Safety and Affordability


When you choose to work with a professional pool renovations expert in Perth, you’re helping to improve the overall safety and quality of your home pool and surrounding areas. Typical renovations can include looking at the existing layout and pool setup, removing hazards from the area and introducing new features such as adding in steps.


If you want to go the extra mile you could consider adding new steps or ledges, LED lights or pool heating.


Popular Pool Renovations in Perth


Resurfacing is the most common type of pool renovation as it’s fast, easy to achieve and can provide a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your pool. Choosing a new liner can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process, with a huge range of colours available to tailor a look that matches your home environment. 


If you want to go the extra mile, a growing trend seen in pool renovations across Perth is the introduction of swim-up bars, waterfalls or pool lights, each offering a unique style and functionality to your home set up.


Backyard pool lights


An example of a waterfall feature installation




Why We Prefer Vinyl Pool Liners


As mentioned earlier, replacing your pool liner is a popular way to introduce a new design aesthetic into your home property and when it comes to choosing the right surface to use, we always recommend vinyl pool renovations to our clients. Due to a high proportion of Australian pools being concrete, our concrete to vinyl conversions are one of our most booked services.


Whilst a fantastically cost-effective solution due to the ease of installation, vinyl pool liners also offer the most flexibility thanks to a huge range of pool liner styles which can blend seamlessly into your home ambiance. They also require less maintenance with a typical life span of roughly 12-15 years, whilst also being able to handle additives which can help to prevent algae or fungal growth inside the pool itself.




Pool Renovations Perth Specialists


Throughout the years Oceanic Pools have helped countless families with pool renovations across Perth which have breathed new life into outdoor areas. We offer a hassle-free service from start to finish, with our director (Richard) personally handling all quotes and overseeing all installations.


The whole process of measuring, quoting, sourcing materials and installation generally takes us between 3 and 5 weeks to complete so if you’re considering a pool renovation for your Perth property, why not trust the specialists!


We welcome you to contact us today for an obligation-free quote to see how we can transform your backyard pool into a brand new oasis for you and your family.