9 Best Pool Area Ideas

A well-designed pool area creates the perfect entertaining area for friends and family come the summer months. The allure of your pool area design isn’t reliant on a single feature, rather, the integration of many well-planned elements. Piecing these together can take time, which is why it’s best to start in the colder months, so your pool is ready for summer. That being said, here are our favourite pool area ideas and tips for Perth backyards.

9 pool area ideas and tips

1.      Designing for Purpose and Space

When it comes to creating a captivating backyard, pool area ideas are aplenty. The key lies in crafting a space that strikes a harmonious balance between purpose and space utilisation. By employing innovative design concepts, you can transform your poolside oasis into an extraordinary retreat.

Begin by considering the layout and flow of your pool area and backyard as a whole. What are you expecting to be the primary use of this area? If you plan on large social gatherings around the pool, you’ll want to avoid any unnecessary space-consuming elements. Should the pool area be used for more personal use, your comfort should be a focus of the pool area ideas.

2.      Pool Shape and Size: Finding the Perfect Fit

Your pool size and shape are crucial factors in creating a functional and visually appealing pool area. If you’re planning to install a new pool, assess the available space to determine the maximum dimensions your pool can occupy. Consider the landscape and existing structures to ensure a harmonious integration. From the classic rectangular shape to the elegant curves of a freeform design, there are numerous options to suit different preferences.

If you’re working with an existing pool, there’s less flexibility, but some minor changes can be made. Oceanic Pools has the ability to change the size or shape of your vinyl pool to better match your pool area ideas.

3.      Decking and Patio Options: Creating an Inviting Space

When it comes to transforming your pool area into a captivating oasis, pool area ideas extend beyond the water’s edge. The choice of pool decking and patio materials plays a pivotal role in creating an inviting and stylish space for relaxation and entertainment.

You want a material that’s durable but also provides an aesthetic textured look and feel. Another key consideration is the slip resistance and heat retention of the material. Composite decking is a good option for these benefits.

4.      Outdoor Furniture: Combining Comfort and Style

Carefully selected pieces of outdoor furniture not only enhance the aesthetics but also provide comfort and functionality for your pool area. Depending on the space you have and the likely use of the pool area, you may splurge on a fancy sun lounger or poolside daybed.

If group gatherings are more common, a dining set or stand-up table for drinks may be a nice fit amongst your pool area ideas.

5.      Shading Solutions: Finding Relief from the Sun

Perth pool owners will know just how important adequate shade is around the pool area, especially in summer. There are many great options for creating shaded space by the pool, including a large, durable umbrella, or a stylish pergola.

Where possible, try incorporating natural elements like trees and plants for a more serene, shaded zone. Just keep in mind any dropping leaves or flowers may make their way into the water.

6.      Water Features: Elevating the Pool Experience

Water features can provide a captivating visual and auditory experience, both while using the pool but also behind the scenes during other outdoor activities. Consider a waterfall, fountain, or cascade and enhance their beauty with well-placed lighting.

Other pool area ideas include entertainment features such as a diving board or small water slide, or elements to improve pool access like a ladder or handrail. Oceanic Pools has a huge range of affordable water features and pool equipment that we supply and install to Perth homes.

7.      Landscaping and Greenery: Enhancing the Surroundings

Every outdoor area benefits from at least a little greenery, especially if it’s tastefully integrated within the pool area. When devising your pool area ideas, make sure to allow a corner for some plants, even if it’s a large ceramic potted plant.

Try to choose plants that thrive in a poolside environment and won’t cause a mess to regularly clean. Also consider the size of the greenery if newly planted.

8.      Lighting: Creating Ambiance and Safety

We recommend incorporating various lighting solutions for pool area functionality and aesthetics. Night-time summer swims are a great way to relax after a busy day, but you’ll need a little light! Implementing pathway lighting and accent lights is important for safety and creates a nice ambiance if the pool area is long enough.

Try utilising underwater lights as well for a mesmerising effect whether you’re in the water or observing from the backyard.

9.      Pool lining: Texture-adding and easy to maintain

One of the most important pool area ideas is the surface material within the pool. You want something that is functionally sound and looks amazing.

Oceanic Pools supplies and installs silky smooth vinyl pool liners that come in a beautiful range of colours and patterns. Our Australian made Aqualux vinyl liners require very little maintenance and won’t crack, peel, or flake into the pool. The material is very durable and flexible, allowing it to fit any shape.

Bring your pool area ideas to life with the help of Oceanic Pools

Embarking on the journey of creating your dream pool area? Oceanic Pools provides a huge range of pool equipment, pool maintenance services, and vinyl pool renovations to have the space primed for a makeover.

Our specialty is installing or replacing vinyl pool liners – the perfect element to bring your pool area ideas together. Get a free measure and quote on our pool services here, or fill out a virtual estimate form for a cost estimate on a liner replacement.