How Much Does A Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement Cost?

After many years of hard work and fond memories, your vinyl pool liner will need replacing. Undertaking this process is your perfect opportunity to renovate your pool or try a new vinyl liner style and colour. But how much does an inground pool liner replacement cost, and how can you receive an estimate?

In this article we explore the factors that influence the cost of a pool liner, provide an average price range, and share the best way to receive a quote in Perth or the surrounding areas.

Factors influencing the pool liner replacement cost

Pools and spas come in all shapes and sizes, with different features and requirements. The complete inground pool liner replacement cost is therefore on a spectrum and is very hard to predict without an experts estimate.

Below are some of the main factors to influence the final pool liner cost.

Pool size and shape

The most apparent determinant of the pool liner replacement cost is the size and shape of the pool. Larger and uniquely shaped pools require more material and labour, resulting in a higher overall expense. Rectangular pools tend to be more cost-effective to reline than freeform designs due to the standardised sizing of materials.

Inevitably, if you’ve got a small pool, a new vinyl liner will be cheaper than a very large pool.

One of our pool renovations in Yangebup

Vinyl liner quality

Vinyl pool liners come in a range of thicknesses and grades. The quality of the material you choose will have an impact on the replacement cost. While thicker and more durable liners may have a higher upfront cost, they can extend the lifespan of your pool, potentially saving you money in the long term. Oceanic Pools only uses the high-quality brand Aqualux which is an example of a long-lasting, premium liner.

Pool features

Pools equipped with extras such as steps, ledges, or intricate designs will require more detailed work during the replacement process. These additional features can add to the labour time and subsequently increase the pool liner replacement cost.

Undertaking a pool liner replacement project is a good time make changes to your pool with a renovation, though this will incur additional costs too.

Pool return outlets or spa jet fittings

Much like pool shape features, the number of pool return outlets or jet fittings you have will increase the price as the liner requires more adjustments.

These adjustments for each fitting are minor so shouldn’t impact the final cost much.

Pool chemical requirements

Given the pool water has to be drained and refilled afterwards, the chemical balance of the new water will need to be fixed. The pool lining contractor will take care of this, but the chemicals required will be added to the invoice.

Optional extras

Any new equipment you need or want may increase the final pool liner replacement cost. Professional pool liner companies like Oceanic Pools can provide and install new skimmer boxes, LED lights, and more.


After vinyl renovation

Unexpected costs to consider

Some factors may influence the total amount you pay inadvertently. For example, the current market at the time may mean the liner materials and transport costs can vary.

Furthermore, if your pool and its foundations have any serious issues that require repairs, they are best covered while the water is out, and the liner is off.

On that note, you’ll notice a more expensive water bill next month due to the refilling stage.

What does a pool liner replacement cost in Perth?

All things considered, the smallest pool with none of the extras will cost around $8,500, though a large pool with multiple extras and replaced equipment may cost north of $15,000. Most pool liner replacements will cost somewhere in between.

Receiving a pool liner replacement cost quote

If you would like an exact quote in Perth, please book a site visit with our Director (Richard) who will personally visit your property to ascertain your exact measurements and requirements. We can also walk you through our trusted installation process, optional upgrades and our extensive range of vinyl pool liner colours and styles.

Oceanic Pools provides new pool liners, pool renovations, new equipment, and pool maintenance on below ground vinyl pools in Perth and the surrounding areas. To get started on receiving your pool liner replacement cost, fill in a contact or virtual estimate form today.