Why Perth Pool Owners Are Upgrading Their Pool Lights

The best way to upgrade your vinyl pool is to renovate it to include modern features including LED pool lights.

Does anything say ‘summer’ more than balmy backyard night swims?

It’s a simple, cost-effective change, but one that delivers plenty of bang for your buck. Pool lights are the real MVP of the pool world – aesthetic yet functional, they enhance your entire outdoor entertaining zone and extend your swimming hours well into the evening.

Read on for our guide to the best swimming pool lights and what they mean for your summer.

Savvy style

It’s all about the lighting. Pool lights have come a long way from the incandescent and halogen bulbs that were once the gold standard. Renovating and installing new bulbs will modernise your pool with the latest in home and design trends and add vibrancy, elegance, and a little bit of drama.

Entirely customisable, you choose where your pool lights go and what they’ll light up. Renovate to add a feature wall, fountain, or waterfall and show it off by lighting it up. Does your pool have a spa, complete with bubblers and jets? Set the mood and light it up too.

The right lights will make your pool pop and sparkle like never before, and its effects will spill out into your entire backyard – so it’s not just the pool that gets the upgrade. Whether it’s an architectural design feature like a gazebo, a deck, a fire pit, a garden or a statement tree… use the lights to illuminate it.

Safer swimming

An obvious benefit, but an important one. Renovating and adding pool lights greatly improves night-time visibility and as a result, the safety of your pool.

Having a crystal-clear view of your pool even as the sun sets and being able to locate someone immediately who has fallen in or is in distress, is a crucial component of any pool time. A well-lit pool can mean the difference between life and death, particularly where young children or pets are concerned.

It isn’t just younger swimmers that benefit from better lighting either, as the right placement can enhance contrast and hard-to-see transitions between the pool and deck, walkways, stairs, or ramps.

Pool lights smart technology (and smaller bills)

Advancements in lighting technology mean standard issue bulbs are hardly cutting the mustard anymore.

Incandescent lights make the water more cloudy than sparkly. Halogen lights are prone to breaking. But the latest innovation, LED pool lights, are brighter, safer, affordable, durable, eco-friendly and energy efficient – adding glamour AND reducing your electric bill.

With a lifespan that is twice that of CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), you’ll need fewer replacements and spend a whole lot less time on maintenance, while additional features like dimmers and sensors increase your energy savings further.

Some even come with a remote control that allows you to change the colour and brightness of your pool lights as easily and as often as you change your tunes – for the ultimate pool party. And if you’re using smart home technology, they’re compatible with that too.

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