Must Have Pool Supplies for a Well-Functioning Swimming Pool

No matter the size or shape of your pool, you’ll need certain pool supplies to keep it functioning smoothly. Whether you’re an experienced pool owner, or you’ve just obtained your first, there are a few pool supplies that you’ll be needing. Each has their own service life and will need replacing during a pool service eventually.

In this article, we’ve compiled 6 of the most important pool supplies you’ll need to maintain a well-functioning pool.


A pool chlorinator is essential to help regulate chlorine levels in your pool. Chlorine plays a big role in sanitisation by oxidising harmful bacteria and algae in the water. A salt chlorinator is not only crucial to improving safety, but is also a cost-effective, easy to maintain, and long-lasting system.

Generally, you can get around 5 years of service from a chlorinator before it needs replacing. Your routine pool service should identify if new pool supplies (such as a chlorinator) are needed.

Robotic pool cleaner and other cleaning pool supplies

Maintaining cleanliness in the family pool is crucial to the wellbeing of the pool and your own safety. Depending on the size of the pool, a robotic pool cleaner will make cleaning the pool a whole lot easier. These handy robots take care of the scrubbing and vacuuming within the pool, making manual vacuuming a thing of the past.

However, a robotic pool cleaner can’t clean everything, which is why you’ll need other cleaning pool supplies. These include brushes, leaf skimmers, and a pole to extend your reach. These pool supplies need replacing more often, so talk to a supplier like Oceanic Pools to find the best deal.

robotic pool cleaner

Pool pump

A pool pump is the ‘heart of the pool’ as it’s responsible for circulating water in and out of the filtration and chlorination systems. These processes are what keeps the pool in good condition and therefore, keeps you safe when swimming.

It’s pivotal to take care of your pools pump, as replacing it is much harder than replacing other pool supplies. Pool pumps usually last for around a decade, but when it’s time to replace, you’ll need an electrician as well as a pool supplies expert.

Pool chemicals

They may sound scary, but pool chemicals are a necessary inclusion for swimming pools. Regulating the chemicals in your pool should be a regular task, especially in summer when your pool is used the most. Chemicals required include chlorine, stabilizers, algaecides, and more. Not every pool uses the same chemical pool supplies, so check with the pool manufacturer, or your expert pool service representative.

At Oceanic Pools, we use the range of quality pool chemicals by Purex.

pool chemicals

Pool blanket

To reduce the amount of pool maintenance you require, a pool blanket is one of the must-have pool supplies. Pool blankets reduce water evaporation, therefore saving water. Likewise, a blanket keeps dirt and leaves out of the water, which makes cleaning easier, and reduces time spent regulating the pool chemicals.

Along with saving on water usage and pool chemicals, you’ll also save on energy consumption. This is because a pool blanket, like your personal wool blanket, helps retain heat.

A liquid pool blanket is a cheaper alternative which also provides heat-retention and reduces water evaporation.

Accessories and other pool supplies

Despite not being necessary for pool maintenance, some pool accessories can make your pool a lot more functional. For example, if you fancy a swim on a warm summer’s night, you should probably get some LED pool lights for visibility. This not only makes it safer for the swimmer and anyone walking near the pool, but they also look stunning!

Some other value-adding pool accessories include handrails, swim outs, and ladders to improve accessibility for all. All aforementioned accessories can be supplied and installed with a Perth pool renovation by Oceanic Pools.

Get the best pool supplies from the Perth experts

At Oceanic Pools, we provide only the best pool products and pool maintenance services to our customers in Perth. We also specialise in providing new vinyl pool liners, concrete to vinyl pool conversions, and pool renovations.

So, if you need any of the above for your below ground pool in Perth, contact the team at Oceanic Pools.