Explore Our Range of Vinyl Pool Liner Patterns & Colours

At Oceanic Pools, we use high-quality, premium vinyl pool liners in all our projects across Perth and the South-West of WA. We source our stunning range of pool liner patterns from renown Australian distributor, Aqualux.

Premium Aqualux vinyl pool liners

As authorised installers of the Aqualux vinyl pool liner range, we’ve gotten to know them really well!

Aside from looking great, Aqualux liners have many great benefits, including:

  • Liners won’t peel, flake, or crack.
  • Low maintenance, simplifying the cleaning process.
  • Aren’t harmed by pool chemicals.
  • Naturally resistant to algae.
  • Specially treated to resist fading in the sun.
  • Flexible to suit any pool shape.
  • Fast and easy pool liner replacement.

The following assortment of stunning vinyl pool liners are silky smooth to touch and convey a range of styles and colours to suit any pool area.

Tropical blue collection

This array of resort-style hues is very popular with homeowners thanks to their tropical vibes.

The Maui features a vivid blue pattern over its light blue base. This popular vinyl liner crafts a beautiful shine in the sunlight.

Pacific Marble is a timeless classic which combines the simple dark and light blue tones. Depending on the water, light, and pool surroundings, this liner will show all shades of blue.

Maldive showcases a rich turquoise green colour with a light blue undertone. Depending on the lighting around the pool, this vinyl pool lining will appear aqua blue or a deep turquoise tone.

The Caribbean has a deep blue base with a pearlescent green topping. The result is a marbled turquoise which shimmers in the light.

tropical liner patterns

Classy sand liner patterns

Create a modern, beach-feel with these sandy liner patterns.

Coral Sand combines a warm tone with a sandy beige undercoat to appear almost like a pebblecrete pool finish. This liner enhances your pool water to appear a beautiful aqua blue.

For a natural stone look and feel, Sandstone has a creamy-gold base and textured pattern. With the suns help, your pool water will appear a sparkling, turquoise colour.

sand liner patterns

Peaceful light blues

Create a sense of bliss with these bright liner patterns.

Light blue is a classic choice, perfect for bringing simplicity to a busy pool area.

The aqua toned finish of Cayman provides a pale ocean appearance. This style is the ideal combination of the Light Blue and Maldive liner patterns.

Otherwise, contact us for more information on the concrete to vinyl pool conversion process.

light blue liner patterns

Deep marine blue liner patterns

Stimulating a sense of relaxation through shades of blue, this colour palette creates a holiday feel in your backyard!

Dark Blue is the simplified, classic pool colour we’ve all grown to love. Depending on light sources, this liner will appear a bright, mid-range blue.

The Bahama takes the Dark Blue liner to the next level with its careful blend of deep blues. The subtle variations really come to life in the presence of sunlight.

A modern blend of blues creates the Casablanca pool liner. Its mid-range blue appearance is perfectly placed if you can’t decide on light or dark blue liner patterns.

The Costa Rica is blue with stunning silver flecks of detail. Depending on the time of day, your pool will provide an eye-catching sparkle effect.

Reef Pebble blends multiple shades of deep navy blue with subtle lowlights of pale and sky-blue tones. This option is excellent for anyone who prefers a more detailed, light blue pool.

Dark modern stone varieties

When combined with water and sunlight, these liner patterns are a spectacle to behold.

Antique compiles a charcoal base with numerous grey shades. When well lit, this liner develops a dark blue or even turquoise appearance.

Kiama may appear entirely black on a screen, but this blend creates a sparkly dark blue grey in sunlight, giving your pool a rich, modern look.

Pool liner patterns galore at Oceanic Pools

Once you’ve picked your favourite liner patterns, get a virtual estimate on a vinyl liner replacement from the team at Oceanic Pools.

Oceanic Pools are the below ground vinyl pool liner experts in Perth. With expertise in vinyl pool renovations, concrete to vinyl conversions and liner replacements, we are the answer if you want to breathe new life into your pool.