Is It Time For A New Vinyl Pool Liner?

So, you own a below ground pool that was built some time ago and you’re wondering when you’ll need to update the surface, right?

A common consideration faced by all pool owners.

The answer isn’t always the same for every customer as the answer is determined by the pool’s surface. For example, a vinyl pool liner would often have a shelf life of up to 15 years, so depending on when the pool was installed/built, it could be time for an upgrade.


West Aussies Love Their Pools

Australians are extremely fond of incorporating pools into their backyard areas – in fact Australia has the highest per capita rate of pool ownership worldwide!

Whilst 12% of all Australian homes own a pool, Perth exceed this national average, with 18% of all households enjoying the unique luxury and convenience of a backyard pool as revealed in this Roy Morgan article. We love our pools here in Perth thanks to a warm climate, large block sizes and an array of quality pool providers – owning a pool has even become part of the local lifestyle.


How Old Is Your Pool Surface?

If you purchased your property as part of the property boom in the early/mid 2000s, it could be time for you to start considering the quality of your pool surface, as it is likely time to upgrade/update the surface.

In particular if you purchased your home during the 2006 boom, where Perth was the second most expensive Australian city and the local housing prices rose by a whopping 36% during the year, the timing is primed for an upgrade.

Options will depend on the pool surface you have, however installing a brand-new vinyl pool liner can be a fast, easy and affordable option. If your pool was made from concrete (a common material used at the time) you may wish to consider the option of updating the concrete surface to a vinyl pool liner.

Over the years, our concrete to vinyl pool conversions have increasingly become a common request due to the numerous benefits with choosing vinyl over other surface materials.

Vinyl Pool Liners Are Our #1 Choice

We find vinyl pool liners are a fantastic and affordable surface to use in backyard pool renovations. In fact, it is the only pool surface we offer, having helped thousands of families realise this benefit throughout Perth, the South-West and across Western Australia.

Vinyl pool liners are installed quickly (over a few weeks instead of months), require little maintenance, and cost significantly less over the lifetime of the pool. They are also one of the most affordable options when it comes to inground swimming pools, coming in a wide range of colours including the natural, river pebble, or rich resort-style look.

Did you know:
Vinyl pool liners flex with ground movement instead of
cracking or breaking which significantly prolongs their
lifespan, helping them to last up to 15 years or more!

Our Concrete To Vinyl Pool Conversions

When it comes to updating your pool, there is nothing like a concrete to vinyl pool conversion to revamp the look and feel of your backyard oasis. As there are numerous steps involved in this process, it is essential to do some careful planning and research before any work begins on your new pool.

Visit our Concrete Pool Conversion page to find out more how we have transformed run-down concrete pools into beautiful vinyl lined paradises.


Why Choose Oceanic Pools?

At Oceanic Pools, we can help you update your old vinyl pool liner, or we can assist with converting your concrete swimming pool into a durable vinyl pool that will stand the test of time. We source our quality vinyl pool liners from renowned brand Aqualux, who provide quality material that is made for Australian conditions, with silky, smooth finishes that are naturally resistant to algae, chemicals and fading in the sun’s heat – just to name a few of the product benefits.

We provide accurate measurements and quotes using the very best materials in the market, whilst also leveraging cutting-edge tools that help us deliver perfect outcomes that are both on schedule and within budget.

Need a quote to replace your vinyl pool liner? We welcome you to contact us today to book in an appointment.