Is Your Pool Ready For Summer?

Are You In Need Of Pool Liner Repairs This Summer?

Summer is on the horizon which means your backyard pool will be bracing for its busiest season. Now is an ideal time to inspect your pool by clearing your filter, checking water levels and looking for signs of wear and tear. Pool surfaces naturally wear due over time, resulting in cracking and fading from UV rays, chemicals and general use – so if you happen to spot these signs, it may be time to book in pool liner repairs with a local supplier.

Your initial checks will be important to diagnose what needs to be done, so we’ve put together the following list of warning signs to look out for, which may indicate your below ground pool is past its prime and in need of repairs.

Please note this article is written as guidance specifically for below ground pools using a vinyl pool liner, as we are the specialists in vinyl pool liners throughout the Perth metropolitan area, as well as WA’s South West.

Here are some of the common symptoms to look out for:

Cracks and Splits

One of the most obvious issues to look out for is tears and/or cracks in your pool liner.

If your liner is over a decade old, due to the impact of the sun’s UV rays, it is likely your surface has become more brittle, which in time can lead to cracks and leaks. If you’ve spotted excess water around the pool area, or noticed a sudden drop in water level, this could lead to costly pool liner repairs and higher than average water bills if not addressed quickly.

Loss of Water

Can’t see any cracks but you suspect the water is leaking? If you can see a water stain line around the liner that is higher than the current water level, this could be the result of a water leak. To find out for sure, you could use the trusty bucket test:

  1. Fill a bucket with water and place it on one of the pool’s top steps, ensuring the level of the bucket is equal to the level of the pool.
  2. Mark the water level in the bucket with tape or a permanent marker.
  3. Turn off the pump in the pool and leave for at least 24 hours.

Afterwards, if the bucket water level is higher than the pool’s water level, you have a leak – and should book in a pool liner replacement as soon as possible.

Staining or Fading

If you’ve noticed your pool isn’t as shiny as it used to be, or the water chemicals have left some ugly stains, it may be time for a brand-new pool liner. As vinyl liners fade, they become more fragile which can lead to degradation, so if you’ve noticed fading or staining on your liner surface, this is an early warning sign that either pool liner repairs or a replacement liner is likely in the near future.

This can be a great opportunity to change the look and feel of your below ground pool by changing up the style of liner you’re using. At Oceanic Pools we have a huge variety of pool liner styles so you can tailor the design to perfectly suit your backyard aesthetic.

Stretching or Wrinkling

On rare occasions you may notice wrinkles in the liner, or even areas where the liner has slipped out of the top track of the pool. Whilst you can attempt to push it back in yourself, if it worsens or reoccurs, replacing the pool liner becomes the only option.

As covered in our recent article, the Oceanic Pools team use the best pool liners in Perth, which translates into extended value and reliability for our customers. Supplied on behalf of Aqualux, our vinyl liners are specifically designed to handle Aussie Summers, whilst being resistant to algae and chemicals, with a soft silky feel finish that is perfect for festive swims with the kids.

Are You In Need Of Pool Liner Repairs?

Now that you’re aware of some of the symptoms to look out for, it’s now a question of whether or not your pool liner is in need of repairs or whether it needs replacing.

Whilst you can use a patch repair kit for a temporary solution, it would only be putting off the inevitable. Not only does a fresh vinyl pool liner solve the aforementioned problems and prevent further damage, they also look stunning. In fact, they look so good, that some customers upgrade just to improve the pool’s appearance.

If you’re considering the cost involved in a replacement, you can book a virtual estimate by simply sending us some snaps of your pool and rough dimensions – it’s that easy and you don’t even need to leave your couch.

Our Vinyl Pool Liners

At Oceanic Pools, we use only the highest quality vinyl pool liners developed for Australian conditions by renowned producer Aqualux. These Aussie-made liners are built to last and come with a range of advantages over other standard liners, and we’ve covered off some of these below.

  • They’re more affordable and will stand the test of time – up to 15 years or more;
  • Our liners won’t crack, peel or flake and are resistant to pool chemicals;
  • Our liners are treated to resist fading from the sun’s UV radiation;
  • They’re easy to clean/maintain and naturally resistant to algae;
  • They can be specially designed to fit any shape of backyard pool;
  • They’re flexible with ground movement which means less cracking or splitting.

These deluxe vinyl liners are also silky smooth to the touch and available in a beautiful range of resort-style colours and patterns – with a number of new designs now available.

We Are Perth’s Vinyl Pool Liner Repairs Experts

Oceanic Pools are a family owned and operated pool renovation company based in Perth, specialising in vinyl pool liner renovations and concrete to vinyl conversions specifically for below ground pools.

In addition to new vinyl pool liners, we can repair or remove old liners and can service your pool thanks to high-quality products and materials, coupled with our top-quality customer service and workmanship.

If you’re after a free quote, we welcome you to Contact Us, or you can submit a Virtual Estimate request from the comfort of your own home.

Make sure your pool surface is ready for the upcoming Summer – it’s going to be a warm one!